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Customer Service

Service at Copland means a lot more. Our engineers offer qualified support from the very beginning with designing bearing supports, answer technical questions and develop specific bearing solutions with our customers on site, worldwide. Copland has long been persisting in orientating its products towards the needs of clients and keeping the promises of three “is”, namely,


● The customers’ plan is Copland’s plan

● The customers' standard is Copland’s standard

● The customers' interest is Copland’s interest.


To better communication with our customers and coordinate with Copland production, quality, R&D departments as well as shipping companies, Copland has established a sales representative team with the principle object of helping customers. The primary function of the customer representative is to offer outstanding service to Copland customers while supporting customer service coordinators by providing training, mentoring, leadership and guidance.The representative also sets performance goals, monitors performance, and provides ongoing feedback to customers. It is the responsibility of the representative to be available, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. As an Copland bearing group customer representative, he/she also has to own some special qualification such as advanced computer skills multiple means of communicating with customers. Communication can occur via telephone, fax, standard ail, email, in person or through various conferencing or messaging methods on the Internet.



More important than WHAT we do is HOW we do it. We go back to the basics when it comes to customer service. At Copland Bearings, you will always speak to a live human ready to assist you when you call us - not voicemail, answering services, computerized messages, or secretaries. We attach faces and voices to our customers, not account numbers. Our account managers are available to troubleshoot and assist you on-site, while our inside product specialists are available at a moment’s notice to help in the sales cycle. Both work closely together to provide service that far exceeds your expectations. You can count on Copland Bearings to come through for you every time.

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