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Bearing operation service

The best bearing in the world will not reach its maximum life unless it is properly installed and maintained. With decades of experience in bearing technology, Copland understands the importance of proper maintenance procedures in maximizing product and equipment life. The value-added knowledge is grounded in our long time experience of motion, lubrication, friction and metallurgy. We are sharing this information to help you extend bearing life in your applications through proper installation, removal and service.

As a general precaution to ensure proper installation, it is important to keep bearings and related components as clean as possible. This means they should be handled in a environment free from debris or high humidity, using clean rinsing oil, with due consideration for guarding against corrosion or rust. Be sure to check each part before mounting. Inspect the sealed areas as well as dimensions, shape, appearance and accuracy of shafts and housing. While checking, use care to prevent perspiration from the hands, or debris present at the site, from coming into contact with the bearing.


● Bearing storage

Bearings are coated with a rust preventative compound and securely packaged before delivery. When handling and storing bearings, care must be taken to ensure that they will not rust or corrode. Even a small amount of moisture or chemical left on an unprotected bearing by a glove or hand can result in a small etched area, which may initiate bearing fatigue.Please observe the following guidelines when storing bearings.

● The wrapping paper cannot completely provide protection from the circulation of ambient air. Ideally, bearings should be stored in a location with low humidity, i.e. less than 60% relative humidity.

● Bearings should be stored in clean, well ventilated spaces with no direct exposure to sunlight. Bearings should never be stored on the ground, but should be stored on shelves or pallets at least 20 cm above the ground.

● Boxes of bearings should not be stacked too high or the rust preventative compound may be squeezed out of bearings on the bottom.

● When bearings are unwrapped for inspection prior to acceptance, they must stored with due attention to the application of anticorrosion agent and then re-packaged.


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