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COPLAND knows your requirements for long service life, no re-lubrication, less friction, energy saving and low heat generation. For pumps and compressors, COPLAND high quality raw material as well as a range of optimized seals solutions are the major tools to optimize your applications. By working with COPLAND, you can gain the profound knowledge of COPLAND which has been used to develop solutions to meet the demands for high quality, lower noise levels, and outstanding waterproof support. 


Take a good, hard look at virtually any industry and you'll find pumps and compressors in the mix. From oil and gas to chemical processing, water and waste treatment, medical, manufacturing, power generation, paper, and mining - there are pumps and compressors working behind the scenes and around the clock. For each of these industries, the requirement for greater Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) places increasingly severe demands on the bearings being used. 


COPLAND is the leading supplier of bearings and engineering solutions to the pump and compressor industry. Through decades of close cooperation with leading manufacturers, COPLAND research and development activities have led to innovative engineering solutions and advancements in bearing design. The incorporation of these solutions has led to better performing pumps and compressors for today and more reliable for tomorrow.



General requirements for pumps and compressors

Increase service life 

Effective maintenance is critical to minimize life-cycle costs and downtime. Poor maintenance may result in a loss of 10 to 15% of pump efficiency. COPLAND can further assist with the integration of efficient maintenance and reliability plan into your maintenance practices as well as provide upgrading services. Thus, costly unplanned stops can be reduced witch will finalize total economic improvement. Furthermore, pumps and compressors equipped with COPLAND sealed, greased-forlife bearings are considered to be maintenance-free. 


Lower energy consumption 

Pumping and compressing systems account for nearly 20% of the world’s electrical energy demand and can range from 20-25% of the energy usage in an industrial plant operation. Energy consumption covers 45% of the total cost of owning a pump or compressor. COPLAND offers a range of excellent solutions and engineering services for reducing energy consumption in pumps and compressors. The most important for bearings is to reduce the friction inside, by choosing low-friction grease, optimized seals and shields design. 



Reduce vibration and noise levels 

Excessive vibration and noise levels associated with industrial pumps are an increasing concern for optimum performance reasons as well as for compliance with legislation. Often the root cause of too high vibration and noise levels is related to poor shaft alignment, inadequate lubrication, poor mounting procedure and improper bearing arrangements or inefficient cooling. COPLAND offers a range of solutions for exceptionally quiet bearing operation spanning from selection of bearings and lubrication to advanced engineering services, such as dynamic simulation, virtual testing and design concepts. 

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