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Machines and equipments used to transport, lift or convey loads of all kinds have to meet special requirements. The working environment in the transmission industry is extraordinary and specific in different environment. For bulk conveyors, the equipments are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures, dust, contaminants and humidity that can cause costly, unplanned stops. What is more, shock loads and high torque add to this pressure. For warehouse conveyors, since they are working in house, the work environment is much better than bulk conveyors. However, special attention must be paid due to the in-house working condition such as the noise and vibration concerning as well as the working efficiency. For both bulk conveyors and warehouse conveyors, bearings are not only applied in the electric motors, but the rolling rollers as well. For unit conveyors, they are usually working in the precise production. Bearings for electric motors are their main application; bearings for rollers are usually not demanded.


One of the most important requirements for conveyor manufacturers and endusers efficient assembly. To meet this requirement, COPLAND has developed a range of solutions to facilitate this step in the manufacturing and assemblying process. These solutions are also characterized by inventiveness, ease of use and a minimal need for maintenance. They not only lead to a cost-effective operation, with these solutions we are also able to help increasing our customers’ productivity and strengthening their competitiveness. And when the product’s total life-cycle costs are kept at the lowest possible level, raised revenues and optimized profitability can be achieved.



General requirements for transmission


It goes without saying that increased productivity is the key to increased profitability. For transmission equipment endusers, a smooth production process with a consistent, high-level output means secured deliveries and satisfied customers. In addition, transmission equipment producers facing global competition and environmental scrutiny seek ways to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. To meet these productivity demands from COPLAND customers, we rely on our experience and application-specific expertise to optimize seals solutions and clearance etc., which can help you to less unplanned downtime and most cost-effective lifecycle, further results in a wide range of enhanced productivity. 


Save power by reducing friction 

For wide using of transmission and rising cost of energy, reducing energy consumption is of ever increasing importance. We can work with you to discover the golden opportunities in designs to increase torque or downsize, enhance operational reliability and improve energy efficiency. 





Environmental concern has played one of the most important roles in most transmission producers and end-users’ agenda especially under recent legal regulation in different countries. Meeting the environmental challenges is important for the company’s image towards shareholders, customers, employees and the general public. Protecting the environment is also central to COPLAND’s thinking. Bearing products with environmental material, seals and lubricants ensure our products are not harmful to surroundings of the transmission equipment. Furthermore, our low friction bearings made from precise manufacturing and optimized seal structure and low friction grease further decrease the power consumption of the transmission equipment. 

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