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COPLAND has been working with the machinery industry almost since the company's founding. Today, COPLAND offers a variety of customized solutions that are intended to ensure production efficiency and machine reliability while taking into consideration the quality, cost and environmental concerns of the industry.


Selecting the appropriate lubrication grease according to requirements could be crucial for operation reliability. COPLAND offers a variety of different lubrication greases for different machineries applications, e.g. printing and textile machines, plastic and rubber machines ask for long fatigue life etc. While the medical machineries ask for reliable operation with quite condition and the food machineries have extreme requirement of healthy and clean operation. COPLAND offers the appropriate lubrication greases which leads to reduced maintenance cost and a trouble-free operation.


Environmental concerns are one of today’s main issues for machinery industry, whether you are a consumer, a manufacturer or an environmental agency. It is often expensive to comply with environmental legislation, but due to the heavy penalties involved, it is often even more expensive not to. The existence of an environmental policy is thought to have a positive impact on consumers and consequently on business. Some of the areas in which COPLAND can contribute include lubrication optimization, controlling lubricant leakage and usage, as well as minimizing waste from production.



General requirements for machinery industry

High productivity and high reliability

High productivity is one of the constant pressures within the machinery industry. To increase profitability there is a trend to further increase the speed of the machines in order to get even higher outputs. What is more, unexpected breakdowns are costly. To maximize profitability, the machineries must be kept working. For machine operators, it is of utmost importance to run the machines with as low maintenance efforts as possible. For OEMs, to maximize revenue and to improve profitability, life cycle cost should be kept to a minimum. COPLAND’s high quality material and full automatic bearing processes that ensure stable precise bearings, which are offered to improve machineries’ reliability.


Reduce costs

In all businesses, cost control is a major issue, since it is the key to profitability. Even if the biggest costs for a textile making plant are related to energy, raw materials and personnel, saving money on components such as bearings and lubricants that will have an immediate effect on the bottom line. COPLAND’s experience and understanding of industrial processes is a unique resource with respect to cost-effectiveness. COPLAND has extensive know-how in areas such as maintenance strategy, bearing selection, fitting, lubrication, and monitoring. With the right components correctly fitted and properly maintained, overall costs can be considerably reduced and performance improved.



Save power by reducing friction

For many reasons, e.g. cost as well as environmental reasons, our dependence on fossil fuels needs to be reduced. In the machinery industry power saving is a major objective. Reducing friction in bearings and seals can considerably contribute to decrease energy consumption. Less power needed to run machines helps to downsize the power unit and at the end to save life cycle cost. The intense COPLAND product development has led to a wide range of products with excellent low friction operation.

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